Hi there! Mi nombre es Severine and I am here with my three lifelong friends to have another go at writing about loads of things. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting.  

Firstly, we ought to tell you who we are. 

John is utterly private but I’m going to let you in on some secret, secret stuff. He actually knows a lot of things. He is very open-minded, so he’s not easily offended. He is a computer programmer and a homebody, but ironically, also a travel agent. 


The most carefree amongst the four of us is BILLY. He is a computer programmer, too, just like John. If he’s not at work, he’s usually out exploring the world. He has been to many, many countries around the world. And… He loves alcohol and chocolate.


Then, there’s JAY. He loves to study, invent, and innovate stuff. Just like John and Billy, Jay is a computer programmer. He may be a simple and the most uncomplicated person, but he wishes to change the world and make it a better place for you and everyone else.


I am a writer, not very fond of cats but I have one and it’s my spirit animal. I’m an editor, and currently actively studying High Valyrian and aiming to pledge myself to Aegon Targaryen  another foreign language and aiming to become a translator in the future.



Our smorgasbord of topics that we’d like write about and have a chat about with you:


There’s nobody in the world who doesn’t love food. Let’s have a look at recipes together, give reviews on a variety of dishes, and just simply have a talk about food. Nothing wrong with that, is there? 


Have a guess at who amongst the four of us has/have been to Europe, South America, and other countries of Asia. 

You’ve got it right. Do you love to travel, too? 


Keep your eyes peeled for the latest inventions (such as those you see in Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.), games that have unique and amazing gameplays and stories, desktop and mobile applications that are incredibly practical and convenient for you to use, and everything else – the whole technology bit. 😉 


This is my cup of tea. Haha. 

If you fancy the English language and other foreign languages and swear words,  you’re going to love this bit. I can keep you posted once you sign up for our blog. 


What are your thoughts on euthanasia? Abortion? Suicide? Religion? What are your thoughts on atheism? Those are sensitive matters that we hope to discuss with you one day. Have an open mind when that time comes. 


Books, films, television programmes – all those things that make this life a little easier to bear. Can you think of your MOST favourite film and why it is? 


If there’s one thing that the four of us share in common, it’s the love of over  thinking and learning. Do you, too? I am hoping your answer is yes, so that I can say this blog is for you. 

Understand that we are not experts at all, but we love to share what we already know and learn from you, too. Have a go at commenting, especially if you like this post. 

See you! 🙂